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These core sets of service categories are demanded by virtually every SMB customer. Parallels Automation gives you the ability to offer services in these categories and more – here are some popular example services.

Web Presence, Web Applications and Shared Hosting

Web Presence Builder
Parallels Web Presence Builder helps users create polished, professional-looking Web sites in record time.

Shared Web Hosting
The Shared Web Hosting Service Module is a comprehensive, "out-of-the-box" solution that will help you rapidly deploy shared Web hosting solutions for both Windows and Linux platforms.

Linux Shared Web Hosting Next Generation Service Module
The Linux Shared Hosting NG Service Module applies next-generation technology to shared web hosting.

Domain Registration and SSL Certificates
Parallels Automation provides over 25 “plug-and-play” modules for domain registrars worldwide.

Communication, Collaboration and Messaging

Microsoft Office 365 Syndication
Parallels Automation uses its SaaS Services Module to automate delivery, provisioning, and billing of Microsoft Office 365.

Microsoft Lync
The Microsoft Lync Server Service Module supports Microsoft Lync Enterprise Server. With this module, you can easily offer your customers a variety of cloud-based messaging and collaboration services, including presence information, instant messaging, conferencing, and enterprise-class voice capabilities.

Microsoft Exchange
The Microsoft Exchange Service Module provides full support for Microsoft Exchange 2010, as well as 2003 and 2007, enabling you to offer lucrative cloud-based business-class e-mail and communications services to the many business customers that use this platform.

Microsoft Sharepoint
The Microsoft SharePoint Service Module offers support for Windows SharePoint Services to make it easier for people to work together.

UNITY Mobile
UNITY Mobile provides easy to use mobile tools for creating mobile websites, enabling any SMB to seamlessly communicate with its customer base via SMS, Twitter, Facebook and a mobile site.

The Open-Xchange Service Module provides support for Open-Xchange groupware. This modular solution lets you replace old Webmail applications with state-of-the-art SaaS e-mail solutions that include innovative collaboration features — all without changing the existing e-mail server infrastructure.

Hosted PBX - Broadsoft Broadworks
BroadWorks Hosted PBX is an application of BroadWorks that allows service providers to deliver PBX or Key system functionality to SMBs without the associated capital, lease, or maintenance costs of a premises-based telephony system.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Parallels Automation for Cloud Infrastructure
Parallels Automation for Cloud Infrastructure (PACI) is a complete solution for delivering Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). PACI is deployed as a service module of Parallels Automation and enables service providers to deliver a virtual data center with fully integrated virtualization, automation, billing, customer self-service capability and online store.

Flexiant APS Package
The Flexiant APS Package for Parallels Automation enables Parallels Automation service providers to rapidly deploy highly differentiated public IaaS cloud services based on Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator (FCO) with automated billing, provisioning and customer management provided by Parallels Automation.

Windows Azure Pack APS Package
The Windows Azure Pack APS Package provides full support for Windows Azure Pack, enabling service providers to offer Windows Azure services based on their infrastructure. This APS package reduces the time-to-market to offer Windows Azure Pack services by automating billing, provisioning and customer management.

VPS Hosting
If you’re a cloud service provider interested in offering virtual private server (VPS) hosting to small and medium businesses, Parallels enables you to do so more profitably. We offer automation for the delivery of Linux and Windows VPSs.

VMUnify enables organizations to deliver Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) with Secure Virtual Data Centers and Unified Cloud Environments.

IBM SCO OpenStack

HP Matrix

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