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The Parallels Management Suite for Microsoft SCCM (2007/2012) extends your existing SCCM infrastructure, tools and skills to also manage Macs. The first offering in the suite, Parallels Management-Mac gives you the same management capabilities you have for PCs, simply extending them to Macs.  It also takes advantage of Apple technologies like FileVault 2 to encrypt the Mac hard drive, and can deploy and manage Parallels Desktop for Mac and it's virtual machines.

  • Do I need to run Parallels Desktop for Mac to use this? No. The Parallels Management Suite can manage Mac OS X profiles with or without Parallels Desktop for Mac.
  • Does the Parallels Management Suite manage iOS devices like iPads? No, not currently, but a plug-in to manage iOS devices is planned.
  • What versions of Mac OS X is this compatible with?  It is compatible with Mac OS X versions 10.6x, 10.7x and 10.8x.
  • Can I use the Parallels Management Suite with SCCM 2012 SP1 or JAMF, or will they conflict? All three products can work simultaneously, there is no conflict between them.
  • Is there a trial version of Parallels Management Suite that I can evaluate before purchasing?  Please contact us for more information on setting up a Proof of Concept to evaluate the suite.
  • Can the Parallels Management Suite also manage VMware Fusion virtual machines?  Not yet, but we do plan to add this capability in the future.

You can create different device collections in SCCM based upon employee or company owned Macs, then create and deliver different configuration baselines to each of the collections.

The plug-in installs directly from a Windows installer (.exe) file on the SCCM server. Then an agent is installed on each Mac that you want to manage.  Similar to the way that SCCM manages PCs, the agent allows each Mac to communicate with the SCCM server.

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Parallels Mac Management 관련 답변을 원한다면 최적의공간인 기술 자료를방문하십시오.

다른 Parallels 사용자들과 교류하십시오. For information about Parallels Mac Management for Microsoft SCCM, see the appropriate forum.

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If you are a Parallels Mac Management system administrator, please contact the Parallels Support team with the Support code that you received when you enrolled in the program and the email address used to complete the purchase of your license. 시스템 관리자가 아니라면 시스템 관리자에게 직접 연락하여 Parallels Mac Management 문제를 해결하시기 바랍니다.

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