Mobile Device Management Administration

Be Alerted to Important Events

Do you want to be alerted to all important events? With mobile device management, you and your administrators are alerted of important conditions that are taking place. Be alerted when an employee arrives or leaves a set geographical region to know when they have arrived at or left from a customer.* Parallels MDM notifies you when an employee goes over their assigned call budget to give you full control.

Mass Manage Mobile Devices with Group Policies

Do you want to manage multiple devices one by one or in Groups? Save yourself and your administrator’s time by grouping your devices according to your needs and manage multiple devices with just a few clicks. Need to install a program for a particular group? You can deploy an application directly on multiple Devices and set separate Policies for each group according to your needs.

Send Messages Without the SMS Costs

Send messages, Web Links and Locations, without the associated costs, to individuals or groups and monitor the delivery/read status of each one.

Audit Call Logs and User Activity*

Are you aware of what your employees are up to when out of the office? Audit and monitor user activity, including call logs, messages sent and received as well as the apps that have been installed or removed. Monitor each individual action taken by your administrators within the Audit Log. Within the Devices section on the Parallels MDM Dashboard, you can review the Operating System and Hardware information of each Android phone and tablet. The Network Operator information on each mobile device is also shown as well as its phone number.

*Available in 2013