Secure Corporate Data

Parallels Mobile Device Management (Parallels MDM) is an online service that allows you to easily find and track, manage, secure, and monitor Android and iOS devices. Manage up to 5 Android and iOS devices for free with Parallels MDM! Features include:

  • Track Your Mobile Fleet
  • Manage Your Phone Remotely
  • Remote Lock & Wipe
  • Enforce Password Policies
  • Manage & Deploy Apps

Track Your Mobile Fleet - Vehicle Tracking

Follow your mobile fleet with Parallels MDM's continuous precision tracking.
Check your vehicles current position, review the route it's taken and even send directions to where it should go next.
Save on costs by leveraging already available mobile devices to follow all your vehicles on a map from a central console.
Easy to deploy, manage and maintain as opposed to complex vehicle tracking solutions.

Manage Your Phone Remotely - Android Management

Redefine the way you use Android smartphones with Parallels MDM.
Control your Android phone features remotely, through a web browser - without any cables, from anywhere.

Remote Lock & Wipe - Secure Corporate Data

Lock your device with a unique password if lost, or wipe it of all its data if compromised.
Choose to selectively wipe Wi-Fi networks and Email accounts along with any attachments downloaded.

Enforce Password Policies - Secure Many Devices at One Go

Avoid the risk of unprotected devices falling into the wrong hands by setting a password policy.
With Parallels MDM, secure your devices with a Password/Screen Lock complexity of your choice.

Manage & Deploy Apps - Easy Admin

View and manage all apps currently installed on your devices from a single screen.
Mass deploy apps using Google Play, the App Store or even via APK.