Domain Registration and SSL Certificates

Parallels Automation provides over 25 “plug-and-play” modules for domain registrars worldwide. These plug-ins enable you to provide your resellers and customers with convenient domain registration capabilities, while freeing you to focus on your business. Additionally, Parallels provides a Domain plug-ins SDK to write custom modules and integrate with even more registrars.

Parallels Automation also provides a plug-in module for eNom SSL certificates. Offering SSL certificate services in combination with domain name registration services will increase your ARPU — and by providing more services that your customers need, you’ll also reduce churn.

We work closely with our partners to ensure that their needs are met. If a domain registrar you use is not listed below, ask us to build a plug-in for you — or you can configure your own using Parallels published Domain plug-ins SDK.

Domain Plug-ins SDK

Parallels provides a full Domain plug-ins SDK to partners, integrators and domain registrars that can be used to write own Domain plug-in modules.

Download the SDK and documentation here.

SSL Certificate Provider Plug-ins

SSL Certificate Providers
GlobalSign SSL Store
eNom OpenSRS

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