Open-Xchange Service Module

The Open-Xchange Service Module provides support for Open-Xchange groupware. This modular solution lets you replace old Webmail applications with state-of-the-art SaaS email solutions that include innovative collaboration features — all without changing the existing email server infrastructure. The new solutions will not only generate additional revenue, but also enhance customer loyalty.

What is Open-Xchange — and how will it help you?

Open-Xchange, with over 42 million users, is now the world's leading technology supplier of business-class email and collaboration for SaaS providers. The Parallels Open-Xchange service module stems from the partnership between Parallels and Open-Xchange, which lets hosting and service providers deploy and sell Open-Xchange together with Parallels automation tools. This integrated solution enables service providers to deliver a cost-effective, enterprise-class alternative to commercial email and collaboration products — at a competitive price.

Built for SaaS from the ground up, Open-Xchange offers a wide range of end-user features, including:

  • Anytime, anywhere collaboration — from almost any device, using any standard browser
  • Integrated document management, with functionality that enables users to easily share data with internal and external users
  • An advanced user interface that includes features such as drag-and-drop and right-mouse-button context menus
  • Tight integration with Microsoft Outlook and Mac OS X Mail, so users can stay productive when they’re offline
  • Support for push email and mobile devices; users get urgent email as soon as it arrives — even  on the go
  • A flexible pricing model, with the ability for users to buy only as much as they need

Open-Xchange helps service providers, ISPs, and IT service companies increase their average revenue per user (ARPU) by expanding their service offerings to include enterprise-class SaaS email applications — with competitive pricing and support for a variety of business models.

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