Shared Web Hosting Service Module

The Shared Web Hosting Service Module is a comprehensive, "out-of-the-box" solution that will help you rapidly deploy shared Web hosting solutions for both Windows and Linux platforms. You can create customized service plans using resources from multiple application servers. A self-service, Web-based control panel for end users enables them to order new services with immediate delivery.

Rapidly deploy shared hosting solutions

The Shared Web Hosting Service Module helps you rapidly deploy shared hosting solutions, offering everything you need to easily create and deliver these solutions — software, services, recommended server configurations, and more. Shared hosting features include:

  • Storefront integration with domain registration
  • Automated ordering and provisioning
  • Advanced billing capabilities
  • Workflow for service providers and customer events
  • Integrated marketing campaigns
  • Customer self-service through a Web-based control panel
  • Customized service plans

Create customized service plans

With Parallels, you can create customized service plans using resources from multiple application servers. This approach offers three key advantages over single-server solutions:

  • You can optimize each application server to perform its task (DNS, e-mail, Web mail, Web hosting, database, database management, reporting, SSL) in the most efficient way possible — and you can optimize resources such as disk space, CPU, and memory for shared hosting.
  • You can scale your solution efficiently by adding, to each server, the specific resources that are most in demand for that server.
  • You can offer unique combinations of services, such as a Windows Shared Web Hosting plan that comes with Gmail and a MySQL database. In addition, you can build multiple service plans, with each plan based on different servers, operating systems, and applications.

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