Solutions for Education

Parallels Remote Application Server provides staff, students, and faculty in educational institutions with a software solution to access virtual applications, data, and desktops securely and easily, from major hypervisors as well as Microsoft Remote Desktop Services.

Staff and students can access coursework and learning resources from home, through any device they already own, or even through a browser on a shared workstation. Parallels Remote Application Server helps academic institutions of all sizes reduce their capital and operating expenses while improving the learning process.

“Parallels Remote Application Server is a good solution. It has simplified IT management and significantly reduced admin tasks. Now admins get less work.”

Raymond Van Den Berg / Head Systems Administrator, Tabor College

Looking for a cost-effective way to improve your IT system?

IT administrators in education juggle multiple requests in multiple directions, balancing the needs of faculty and students with limited resources. Parallels Remote Application Server reduces the technical complexities required to fulfill these tasks and empowers IT staff to manage the system quickly and easily and deliver on any request.

Easily deploy resources in any format, applications as well as desktops, to teachers and students. Enable your teachers to control the classroom computer from any mobile device and concentrate on managing and engaging students, rather than on a blackboard!

Access resources from anywhere. Faculty and students do not have to be in a classroom to access lab training and library resources, or their own coursework. Extend access to home or anywhere else over an Internet connection.

Deliver lab environments from any hypervisor or RDS with the flexibility to return them to their original state after students complete their tests.

Accomplish more with less

Parallels Remote Application Server frees IT staff from technical complexities, allowing them to concentrate on delivering results and improving the educational experience for students and teachers. Make your campus infrastructure scalable, so that it will grow easily with the organization.

Simplify multi-campus environments, streamlining management of the entire campus virtual infrastructure from a single, easy-to-use management console.

Ensure continuous availability of resources to teachers and students. Minimize downtime by using in-built reporting and analytics to monitor the health and efficiency of your IT infrastructure.

Beat the budget by repurposing old equipment, or using devices owned by the staff and students themselves. If you absolutely need new workstations, you can go for low-cost thin clients or Chromebooks.

“Accessing published applications from anywhere with only a small, easy-to-install client is great. Parallels Remote Application Server is priceless!”

Sorin Solomon, Head, Network & Operations Team, University of Haifa

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