Solutions for Healthcare

Parallels Remote Application Server equips healthcare providers with a software solution that securely delivers medical applications and patient information from local to cloud. It also delivers on-the-go access to applications like EMRs, revenue cycle management solutions, CPOE systems, and imaging viewers on any device, from anywhere—at a clinic, ER, or even from home.

Additionally, it gives healthcare professionals the tools to improve patient care while saving time, enhancing security, and reducing the total cost of ownership.

“With the implementation of Parallels Remote Application Server, we solved the performance and connectivity problems on our network and servers, improving the user experience significantly.”

Juan Rosa / IT Manager Bay Dermatology

Looking to Improve Patient Care?

If you’re a healthcare provider looking to increase your value to patients, improve operational processes, and reduce downtime to medical data, then Parallels Remote Application Server is the perfect solution for you to take your connected care to the next level. It’s a simple, affordable, and reliable application delivery solution that works seamlessly with Microsoft RDS as well as major VDI Hypervisors.

From anywhere, anytime, provide instant and secure access to medical applications and patient information on a wide range of devices including PCs, Mac devices, Linux computers, Chromebooks, iOS and Android devices, Windows Phones, and thin clients, as well as access through HTML5 browsers.

Secure and offering superior efficiency, Parallels Remote Application Server replaces the paper problem with an instant, simple, and secure medical IT system that guarantees data confidentiality with two-factor authentication and advanced filtering.

Always on with high performance, Parallels Remote Application Server ensures access to medical applications when you need them with built-in server load balancing.

Boost Medical IT Performance

Simplify medical IT with a centralized and secure approach to managing software and data. Provide caregivers access to the latest apps and data across multiple locations with a few clicks, ensuring that medical staff can access data they need, even when not sitting at their desks.

Simplify and optimize medical IT. Centralize management of RDS and VDI infrastructure, application management, upgrades, and installations. Easily deliver apps and data to the right individuals based on integrated Active Directory security groups and advanced filtering.

Adapt infrastructure to medical needs. With quick configuration wizards, the management and deployment of virtual resources is an effortless task. Spend less time on technical aspects and focus on providing better healthcare.

“Parallels Remote Application Server is easy to deploy and manage. Our #1 benefit is having the ability to provide access to selected applications based on user-group needs.”

Mariusz Mazek, Norwegian American Hospital