Solution for Medium Business

Parallels provides an affordable and easy-to-use software solution for delivery of virtualized applications and desktops from major hypervisors as well as Remote Desktop Services. Using the Parallels solution, small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from significant cost savings and added value through employee mobility and increased productivity.

Parallels Remote Application Server is a simple and flexible solution that allows medium businesses to achieve a virtualized application and desktop environment without a significant investment.

“With Parallels Remote Application Server, licensing costs have significantly reduced. We are able to easily create a stable network environment that is easy to deploy and manage.”

Dale Hobbs, Manager, Network and Security Systems at Lush Handmade Cosmetics

Get More Value for Less Money

If you are a small or medium-sized business looking for a way to allow your employees to access data, applications and desktops on the move, Parallels Remote Application Server is the perfect solution for you. It will deliver a complete virtual environment to any device – without having to invest in expensive staff training or consultation. Parallels Remote Application Server is an easy-to-use, flexible and reliable connection broker, capable of securely delivering virtual resources to your employees, and requiring only minimal technical knowledge about Windows Server and hypervisor virtualization.

Reduce your total cost of ownership by cutting down on IT administration tasks, increasing business agility, and optimizing the use of your hardware and software resources.

Save time and money with quick configuration wizards, making the management and deployment of virtual resources an effortless task. Deliver data, applications and desktops without the need for investing in complex knowledge, consultation, and certification.

Experience fast time-to-value with a central approach at managing virtual resources from VDI and RDS. Parallels Remote Application Server is easy to install, configure, and maintain, providing administrators with the flexibility to manage the system quickly and respond to any request easily.

Empower IT with the Right Solution

With Parallels Remote Application Server, administrators have complete support for remote desktop, VDI, and application virtualization. Parallels streamlines management of an medium IT infrastructure from a central, easy-to-use management console. Support is also simplified, allowing IT to provide remote assistance to users on Windows desktops.

Offer a seamless experience on any device by allowing users to print locally even when using a virtual application. Deploy the RDP client configuration automatically, by sending a preconfigured email to groups of users, to provide instant access to virtualized resources.

Ensure business continuity easily. Your servers and gateways are automatically load balanced, ensuring that your employees benefit from a consistent, high quality experience, whether in the office or working remotely.

“High-quality cross-platform support is the #1 benefit of the switch from Citrix to Parallels Remote Application Server. Now, with the efforts of W.S. Badcock network engineers like Michael Buckley, we are able to efficiently deliver desktops and applications to Linux, Macintosh, and Windows devices with ease.”

Todd Zacharias, Manager, IT Network Systems at W.S. Badcock