What should you do if your website goes down? It's easy. Contact your Hosting Provider.

Parallels does not host websites or provide a website hosting service. If you are having any issues with your website managed through one of the Parallels products, you should contact your service provider.

Here is how you can find your website hosting provider

We sympathize. A downed website is no laughing matter and can cost you time and money. The company who hosts your website is who will help you.

But what if you don't remember who your hosting provider is? An easy way to find the name of your hosting provider is to check your bills. Who do you pay every month?

Find your hosting provider using your IP address or domain name

You can also visit the site,Who is Hosting This.com.
It is an easy-to-use web service that finds the hosting provider for any website. Just insert your domain name into the search box and the site will bring up the hosting provider.

The domain name is yourwebsitename.com.

The IP address is the numerical address comprised of 4 sets of numbers, separated by periods (.) (e.g.

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