Parallels Summit 2013 Training

Training & Certification: Monday, February 4, 2013


How can you stay on the leading edge of the industry's premier products? Sign up for a training course!

This year at Parallels Summit we're also offering onsite access to labs and experts with the option to earn certification for the following products/technologies:

  • • Parallels Automation including:
  •   • Parallels Automation Core Administration course (provided online before the event - 16 hours)
  •   • Parallels Automation Workshop including Labs (onsite - 8 hours)
  •   • Parallels Business Automation and Parallels Operations Automation Administration Exams
  • • Application Packaging Standard (APS)
  •   • APS Development Fundamentals (provided online before the event - 4 hours)
  •   • APS Workshop including Labs (onsite - 8 hours)
  •   • APS Development Exam

What You Get

In addition to the full-day training course, you can also attend interactive labs and personalized training sessions onsite. Lab exercises allow you to experiment with features and functions you might want to implement in your live environment. You'll get best practices, guidance and answers from product experts. Each course is offered Monday, February 4, 2013 from 9:00am to 4:00pm.


Course cost is reduced from the normal price of $2,000 to just $250. For that price you get a full-day training course, hands-on lab access and a certification exam (which you can take onsite or online within 30 days). This combination of pricing and benefits is available only at Parallels Summit.

If you register for a training course with the code below we will waive the fee - you can register for $0.

  •  • Register for Parallels Automation Training Course (use code z6fabr5x to waive fee)* TRAINING COURSE FULL
  •  • Register for Application Packaging Standard Training Course (use code z6fabr5x to waive fee)* TRAINING COURSE FULL

* NOTE: Due to concurrent scheduling of the Parallels Automation and APS training courses each participant should attend only one course. If your company wants to have participants attend both courses you should send separate participants to each course. 

In order to attend a training course you must also register and pay the separate registration fee for Parallels Summit. The registration process for Parallels Summit is separate from registering for a training course. Check the right side bar of this page for the REGISTER NOW button and any possible registration code that may be available for Parallels Summit registration.

Certification Testing Center

When  you become a Parallels Certified Professional, your customers will feel confident in your knowledge and skills. Plus, it allows you to increase your value to your company and can help you advance your career. You can complete one or more certification exams while you’re at Parallels Summit 2013.

You’ll become a Parallels Certified Professional by demonstrating product mastery when you successfully complete a 30-minute exam. Parallels Certified Professional exams are available for:

  •  • Parallels Operations Automation
  •  • Parallels Business Automation
  •  • Application Packaging Standard (APS)

Certification Testing Center Operation Hours

Tuesday, February 5       Wednesday, February 6
1:00 pm–5:00 pm             1:00 pm–5:00 pm


Join us February 24-26, 2014 for Parallels Summit 2014 in New Orleans...right before Mardi Gras!

Birger Steen Keynote

Jeremy Gutsche Keynote

Parallels Summit 2013 Highlights
John Zanni, VP, Service Provider Marketing & Alliances
Jim Herman, SVP Worldwide Sales

Business Focus at Parallels Summit 2013
Jack Zubarev, President, Marketing & Alliances

Developer Focus at Parallels Summit 2013
Michael Toutonghi, CTO

Technical Focus at Parallels Summit 2013
Oleg Melnikov, SVP, Automation Systems

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