Remote desktop from desktop to laptop and vice-versa with Parallels Access.
Remote desktop - 24/7 secure access with Parallels Access.

24/7 Secure Access

If you can beg, borrow, or reach a computer or a mobile device, you can access your documents, files, applications or your remote computer securely with Parallels Access.

Remote desktop - universal file manager with Parallels Access.

Universal File Manager

Find files quickly in Dropbox, Google Drive or a remote computer, transfer files between the cloud and your remote computer, and copy files to your mobile device. (iOS now, Android soon!)

Remote desktop - brilliant mobile experience with Parallels Access.

Brilliant Mobile Experience

Select text or graphics with one finger, then drag and
drop easily. Using native controls, copy and paste between remote applications—or between remote applications and device apps.

Remote desktop - mobile app switcher with Parallels Access.

Mobile App Switcher

Tap to switch between multiple applications and windows with ease. 

Remote desktop - seamless navigation with Parallels Access.

Seamless Navigation

Use the gestures you know—swipe to scroll, tap to click, pinch to zoom—with any Mac or PC application.

Remote desktop - connect to Mac or PC with Parallels Access.

Connect to Mac or PC

Access your computers from any location via 3G/LTE
or Wi-Fi.

Remote desktop - wake-on-LAN with Parallels Access.


Parallels Access will try to wake up a remote sleeping computer for your access.

Remote desktop - applications on your home screen with Parallels Access.

Applications on Your Home Screen

Put your favorite desktop application right on the home screen of your mobile device. (Android only)

Remote desktop - optimize screen resolution with Parallels Access.

Optimize Screen Resolution

Choose either optimal readability with larger text and images, or more information by going smaller.

Remote desktop - mobile microphone with Parallels Access.

Mobile Microphone

Use microphone input from your mobile device with your remote Mac or Windows applications.

Remote desktop - Samsung S Pen support with Parallels Access.

Samsung S Pen Support

Use your S Pen on your Galaxy Edge or Galaxy Note 4. Go ahead—Access has integrated!

Remote desktop - full screen applications with Parallels Access.

Full-Screen Applications

Mac and PC applications fill the entire screen, so it’s clear how to get stuff done.

Remote desktop - app launcher with Parallels Access.

App Launcher

Tap to start any desktop application, Mac or PC, as if it were a native iOS or Android app.

Remote desktop - lock'n'go magnifying glass with Parallels Access.

Lock’n’Go Magnifying Glass

Don’t fumble: Select exactly what you want with the Lock’n’Go Magnifying Glass.