Parallels 2X Remote Application Server is Available in Japanese, Enables SMBs to Use Virtualized Windows Applications and Remote Desktops from Any Computer or Mobile Device

Tokyo, Japan – July 14, 2015 – Parallels® announced today the release of Parallels 2X Remote Application Server (RAS) version 14.1( This new version comes with extended localization in Japanese because Parallels wants to offer an extraordinary customer experience to Japanese businesses.
Parallels 2X Remote Application Server allows the delivery of virtual desktops and applications from a central server location on a network, in a data center or the cloud. It provides continuous availability and resource-based load balancing, and complete end-to-end network transparency for administrators. It delivers applications and desktops from Citrix, VMware and Hyper-V servers to any device, accessible from anywhere. This results in significant savings on hardware, administration and support.

“The new Parallels 2X RAS v.14.1 update brings even more features to small and medium business customers, enabling them to offer greater flexibility and higher productivity to their mobile workforce no matter which platforms their employees use – including Windows, OS X, Linux, Android and iOS. Parallels 2X RAS is the first solution to enable Raspberry Pi computers to run Windows and be accessed from any computer or device – creating an inexpensive alternative to traditional PCs. IT organizations can also enjoy significant savings in hardware costs, IT management and support. For example, employees using Windows XP and Windows 7 PCs will need new PCs to run Windows 10, but with Parallels 2X RAS their old PCs can access the company’s hosted Windows 10 virtual applications and remote desktops,” said Keiichi Shimomura, Parallels Japan Country Manager.

“This year, Japan is expected to have more than 38.6 million mobile workers, or 64.8 percent of its overall workforce1. With the growing emphasis on remote working, we are excited to be partnering with Parallels to empower Japanese companies with Parallels 2X RAS v.14.1 to meet the growing needs of mobile employees who have become the majority of Japan’s workforce,” said said Mr.Osamu Nakahashi (中橋 治) the president of T4U.Co.,Ltd, the distributor for Parallels 2X in Japan, who has been making efforts  to introduce and promote 2X products in Japan. since long.[name of spokesperson at T4U).

Parallels 2X RAS v.14.1 – New Features
●    The Client Manager module is now able to fully manage all Windows workstations: XP, 7, 8 & 8.1.
●    Shadowing your Windows machines for faster and better troubleshooting is possible on the full desktop. You can shadow both local and remote applications at the same time.
●    Integrated 2X LifeCyclePlus in Client Manager to transform your Windows XP PCs into thin clients.
●    It is now possible to control – from the RAS console – the power options of the client, such as Boot, Logoff, Shutdown and Reboot.
●    Added outstanding reporting engine for comprehensive monitoring activity on your farm.
●    Added an innovative network load balancer to manage inbound connections.
●    Streamlined client setup procedure with invitation email and automatic client configuration.
●    Improved reliability for RDP connection on Windows clients using UDP protocol tunneling for better performance, even with a slow connection or high latency.
●    Firewall friendly desktop shadowing. Further simplification in desktop management: automatic firewall client setting and updated graphical user interface.
●    It is now possible to redirect Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) enabled devices.
●    Improved scanning redirection for TWAIN.
●    Printing redirection enhanced for mobile devices (Android, iOS, HTML5 Gateway, Chrome App).
●    Enterprise administrator monitoring: allows administrators to trace recent activity and ownership for settings and objects such as terminal servers, policies, etc.
●    Fully support Internet Protocol version 6.

About Parallels 2X Remote Application Server
Parallels 2X RAS enhances the end user experience in the delivery of virtual desktops and applications. It provides continuous availability, through server and network resource-based load balancing. It publishes – on any device – applications and desktops from the major hypervisors: Citrix, VMware and Hyper-V. The flexibility gained results in significant savings on hardware, administration costs and support. The RDP clients for Parallels 2X RAS are the best in class on any platform and deliver an outstanding end user experience, which is now enriched with the ability to print. We have streamlined the clients’ setup and configuration with procedures that can be sent by email to the remote users. Centralized reporting makes the IT administration aware of any activity on their infrastructure, allowing them to monitor remote session usage.

Download a 30-day free trial of Parallels 2X RAS with 500 concurrent user licenses here: At the end of the trial Parallels will give you threetwo concurrent licenses to keep and use.

About Parallels
Parallels is a global leader in cross-platform solutions which make it possible and simple for customers to use and access the applications and files they need on any device or operating system. We help customers take advantage of the best technology out there, whether it’s Windows®, Mac®, iOS, Android™, Linux or the cloud. Parallels solves complex engineering and user experience problems by making it simple and cost-effective for businesses and individual customers to use applications wherever they may be — local, remote, in the private datacenter, or in the cloud. Parallels began operations in 2000 and is a fast-growing company with offices in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Visit for more information.

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