Load Balancing

Parallels Remote Application Server helps applications run better, reduces virtual application ownership costs, optimizes the user experience, and ensures that applications are always available. Load balancing is Parallels Remote Application Server’s core routing solution, responsible for distributing application request traffic among servers hosting the same application content. Balancing application requests across multiple servers prevents any application server from becoming a single point of failure, thus improving overall application availability and responsiveness. Load balancing is available out of the box with a standard license and guarantees that computing resources are fully optimized. When compared with Citrix load balancing solutions, Parallels Remote Application Server is simple, automatic, and all-inclusive, with fewer moving parts. 

Load Balancing

Load balancing plays a critical role in application delivery. Distribute application request traffic among gateways as well as servers based on the resources available, dramatically improving the end user experience. Achieve a load balancing setup without complex network configuration or dedicated hardware.

Redundancy–High Availability

Provide intelligent health monitoring of applications and intelligently redirect users away from issues before they disrupt their session. Check all relevant services before forwarding a connection to a particular server or gateway, and ensure complete Remote Desktop Services and gateway redundancy with automatic failover protection in the event of system failure or downtime.

Easily Set Up and Resource-Based

Enable load balancing by default for all servers, with no configuration required. Use counters such as number of existing user sessions, memory, and CPU utilization to determine whether a server is busy. Reconnect disconnected servers by default so users don’t lose any work or data.

High Availability Gateway Load Balancing

HALB (High Availability Load Balancing) eliminates the constraints of multi-gateway environments by distributing incoming connections based on workload and dynamically directing traffic among healthy gateways. HALB also allows you to run many HALB appliances simultaneously, reducing the possibility of downtime and ensuring that applications are always available. 

  • Unlimited number of gateways supported
  • Virtual appliance; OVA, VMDK & VDH
  • Redundancy—Virtual IP technology
  • SSL decryption offloading available