Understanding server health and user activity is critical to designing and maintaining a high-performance virtual infrastructure. The Parallels Remote Application Server reporting engine transforms raw data into visual reports that can show, for example, application usage from Microsoft RDS and VDI. Unlike other solutions, this feature is available with a standard license and does not entail any additional license cost.

Transforming Data into Business Value

The reporting engine is a comprehensive reporting and monitoring solution that collects and consolidates key metrics in your environment from VMware ESXi, VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, and RDS Host and RDP connections. It provides you with scheduled, easy-to-run reports showing user activity, server health, licensing trends, application usage, and performance.

Application Usage

Monitor application performance and detect the most-used applications, the number of users per application, and the number of started application instances. The tool is simple to use, capturing data from the servers without the need to deploy any extra agents.

Monitor Server Performance

Receive real-time insight into all users and processes running on RD Session Host and VDI, such as user count and process count, CPU, and memory usage. Discover and remove bottlenecks by evaluating server session activity. Save up to 30% of your hardware infrastructure by knowing how to reallocate your hardware resources.

Performance Monitor

The performance monitor enables real-time access to comprehensive stats on Parallels RAS infrastructure. Available directly within the Parallels RAS Console or via web browsers, these extensive reports provide IT administrators insight into key metrics. By scanning these reports, organizations can enhance the performance of Parallels RAS and Windows server components.