Alternative OSes in Parallels Desktop

We talk a lot about Windows, but did you know that you can run more than just Windows in your virtual machine? Well, you can!

Apart from Windows, Parallels Desktop supports numerous other major operating systems. You may have heard of a few of them:

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Slideshow images in order: Linux, Ubuntu, Chrome OS, Mageia, FreeBSD, Solaris, older versions of Windows, and older versions of Mac. Images courtesy of Wikipedia, Ars Technica, Pocketables, DistroWatch, FreeBSD, DistroWatch, ThinkComputers and The iLife.

As you can see above, we support everything from Linux to Chrome to older versions of Windows. A while back, we even asked our followers how many OSes they were running, and the results were pretty, well, awesome. Here are just a few of the amazing setups we saw:

If you’re not already running an alternative OS in Parallels Desktop, now’s your chance! Here’s the full list of supported 32- and 64-bit guest OSes.

What alternative operating systems are you running using Parallels Desktop? Share your setup with us on Facebook or Twitter—we’d love to add it to this post!


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