Case Study: Direct Network Services BV Saved 90% of Application Publishing Costs with Parallels RAS

Direct Network Services: “We like Parallels Remote Application Server because it’s flexible and cost-effective. When compared against Citrix, we were able to save over 85% of costs for one of our customers. The support is also very good.” ~ Peter Spithoff  & Victor Esselman, Owners

Direct Network Services BV chose Parallels Remote Application Server to centrally host customized applications of their clients and effectively publish them for remote customers located across different countries. The tool is flexible and easy to use.

Company Overview

Direct Network Services BV ( is a leading Managed Service Provider in the Netherlands and supports SMEs in their information technology. The company has several years of experience in providing customized cloud services to businesses of all sizes. Some of the services include hosted exchange, RDS / Terminal Services, online backup, VOIP and Wi-Fi solutions. The company also offers software, hardware, support and IT consultancy as well as customized IT solutions such as private ADSL to local SMEs. Additionally, the company has more than 40 clients including companies in BENELUX and France. Other vendors it works with include Backup online, Veeam, and IASO Backup.

The Challenge

The company offers cloud solutions to companies. They (Direct Network Services BV) host MS Office as well as customized applications on their data centers and remotely publish them for different clients. They help clients with VMware hypervisors setup as well as Office and Gmail migrations. They also implement VOIP solutions through a hosted environment—Voiceworks, which is a local player in Holland. All the Voiceworks supplied Internet lines for the VOIP solution all come together in their data center. However, DNS do not develop applications themselves – they just publish them. Other applications they publish include Fast Data and Microsoft Applications, further almost everything you need.

There are more than 40 clients, with Phone House being a prestigious one with 200 stores in Holland. Remotely published to the 200 stores, general and customized applications of Phone House are hosted in the Direct Network Services office in the UK. Applications running in the UK are delivered through a private network to the data center. Additionally, they publish retail applications, a few old DOS and POS applications.  They also have several other smaller customers including private harbors for which they publish custom made applications. In total, Direct Network Services provide published applications through Parallels Remote Application Server to 300 remote users.

Phone Houses’ aim was to open shop in shop concept in Holland in large shopping centers (in total 50 shopping centers) as well as provide applications from UK. The company was therefore looking for a virtualization tool that was flexible, cost-effective, and can use what is already there and easy to deploy and use while publishing applications to a range of devices.

The Solution

Direct Network Services BV chose Parallels Remote Application Server to centrally host proprietary and tailor-made applications for all their clients including Phone House. These applications are cost-effectively published to remote customers from the company’s data center. Applications are published from a mix of servers running on MS 2008 and MS 2012 where Microsoft Remote Desktop Services is used. However, VDI is not setup. Concurrent users on SPLA key: 120 concurrent users (in total 300 users).

Key Benefits

Direct Network Services BV realized an immediate benefit: the ability to efficiently publish custom applications for multiple clients. From a centralized location, the company was able to publish custom application to end-users located in multiple countries.

By using Parallels Remote Application Server, the company was able to consolidate IT operations of their clients across multiple stores. Phone House Company was able to shift operations of 200 stores to 50 shopping centers which significantly lowered the licensing costs. With a centralized management system, monitoring and managing the infrastructure became easy.

The company liked Parallels Remote Application Server because it was flexible. Deployment and configuring the tool was pretty quick and easy. The support was also very good. Most importantly, Parallels Remote Application Server was cost-effective. In addition, when compared against Citrix, the company was able to save 80% of costs for one of its clients. Furthermore, with Parallels Remote Application Server, the company was able to provide reliable IT services to its clients.

About Direct Network Services BV

Direct Network Services BV is a leading Managed Service Provider in Netherlands. With several years of experience in the IT consulting segment, the company offers customized IT solutions to more than 40 companies in Netherlands. The clientele base includes customers in Netherlands, around BENELUX and France. Phone House Company is a prominent client of DNS BV. Services include cloud solutions, remote desktop solutions, online backup, VOIP and Wi-Fi solutions.

For more information, visit their website.


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