Forget Something at Home or the Office? Parallels Access Can Help: Part 3

Tell me if any of these situations sound familiar:

These have certainly all happened to me—and with increasing frequency as I get older and older.

To help cure these common ills, I’ll show you how the new Universal File Manager in Parallels Access 2.5 can assist you in each scenario. The File Manager is available in the iOS client for Parallels Access, so I’ll be using my iPad to demonstrate these tasks.

In today’s final post, we’ll be covering Scenario 3. If you’re new to this series, check out our blog posts covering Scenario 1 and Scenario 2.

Scenario 3: You need to search for a file on your home computer while you’re at work.

Parallels Access enables you to find a file on your home computer while you’re at the office or in transit.

First connect to your home computer with Parallels Access, then click on the folder icon to use the Universal File Manager (Fig. 1).

Fig 1

Figure 1: File Manager connected to remote Mac.

Fig2_Start the search Fig3_Search results Fig4_Tap on search result Fig5_Copy the file Fig6_Paste_step1 Fig7_Paste step 2 Fig8_File placed in Dropbox shared folder

Since you aren’t sure where the file is located, use the Search feature in Parallels Access to find it. Tap on the magnifying-glass icon at the top of the left pane in the File Manager (seen in Fig. 1). This opens up the Search feature (Fig. 2).

Fig 2

Figure 2: Start the search.

Enter the search string, then choose between “Everywhere,” the entire remote computer, and the current folder. In Fig. 3, I’ve chosen the current folder and found the file.

Fig 3

Figure 3: Search results.

Tap on the search result, and the File Manager will jump automatically to the location of the file and select it (Fig. 4).

Fig 4

Figure 4: Tap on search result.

Copy the file (Fig. 5), navigate to an appropriate Dropbox folder (Fig. 6), and paste the file (Fig. 7).

Fig 5

Figure 5: Copy the file.

Fig 6

Figure 6: Paste, step 1.

Fig 7

Figure 7: Paste, step 2.

Dropbox will sync automatically with all the computers linked to this folder, and your colleague will get the image file she needs (Fig. 8).

Fig 8

Figure 8: File placed in Dropbox shared folder.

Well, that was how to use the new Universal File Manager in Parallels Access 2.5 for Scenario 3finding a file remotely. Thanks for reading! Remember, if you like posts like these, let us know in a comment, or feel free to reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter!


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