GIF vs. JIF – Which Do You Use?

I feel like this is a settled issue, but every once in a while I hear someone talking about JIFs—and not the “multiple tubs of peanut butter that choosy moms hand-pick in the grocery store aisle” sort of JIF.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t even know it was a public debate until Steve Wilhite of CompuServe weighed in on the “official” pronunciation. I admit, I’m biased to one particular side of this argument.


The debate has gone as far as the President weighing in on the pronunciation.

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As I said, I’m biased and am pretty firmly in the pro-“GIF” camp.


What about you—have you fallen to the dark side and call them JIFs, or are you pretty sure your graphics aren’t “jraphics”?

Tweet your loyalty…


All for the GIF

[Tweet “It’s GIF, with a G. Obviously. #gifnotjif”]

All for the JIF

[Tweet “Steve told us it was JIF, so it’s JIF. #jalltheway”]


Or, comment below and share which side you’re on!


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