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Featured Hima image courtesy of HTC.

Hey there! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and scored some awesome deals during Black Friday and Cyber Monday (especially since those promotions seemed to last a full WEEK instead of one long weekend). While things were a little slower than normal this week, there were some worthy announcements and rumors to sink my teeth into, so let’s get started!

Another new phone?

Image courtesy of HTC.

Image courtesy of HTC.

No one can say that HTC isn’t trying to regain market share from either Samsung or Google, but the Taiwanese phone manufacturing is apparently also busy testing the unannounced “HTC Hima”. Word on the street is that Hima will support a similar look and bumped up feature set to the wildly popular HTC M8, as well as sport a Full-HD 5-inch display with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 2Ghz quad-core processor.

Rumor has it that the phone is currently in testing and by the time its ships, it will most likely include Android Lollipop 5.0 with a new version of the Sense UI that HTC layers on top of Android. While I used to like the Sense UI, with the past few versions I haven’t cared for how the my contacts and dial pad worked together. Hopefully, that will change with this new release and all of the great new features that Google has incorporated into 5.0 will survive. Mobile World Congress is scheduled from March 2nd to March 54th in Barcelona, Spain, so a lot could change by then.

Time to come clean—I really want this:

Image courtesy of PlayStation.Blog on Flickr.

Image courtesy of PlayStation.Blog on Flickr.

Earlier this week, Sony’s PlayStation turned 20-years-old. To celebrate, they’re releasing a 20th Anniversary limited edition PS4 console. When I first heard the news (and reminisced with a goodarticle on it from The Verge), I couldn’t believe it had been 20 years since I got my first gray PlayStation. I remember people waiting hours in line to get their hands on one—with many people leaving empty-handed. (Luckily for me, I had a friend at my local Electronics Boutique here in Rochester, NY and was able to score one!)

The 20th anniversary PS4 console should be something really specialin addition to being the same color as the very first PlayStation, it will also be decked out with the original button symbols pattern. Since only 12,300 editions will be released globally, the unit will also include a placard on it that will display the limited edition number. Needless to say, I’m all aquiver over this release and will definitely be attending Sony’s special event to see how I can obtain one.

Come with me if you want to live!

While I know this isn’t exactly “Tech” news, I couldn’t resist—the announcement and trailer release for the upcoming movie Terminator: Genisys got me beyond excited. Being a big fan of the original Terminator and then finding out that Arnold is not only in the movie but boasts more than just a cameo appearance, it needed to be included in this week’s post.

So sit back, turn up the volume on your PC, and click that play button below! See if you can count all of the different references to the original Terminator series as Terminator: Genisys takes you back in time:

Well those, were some of the more interesting highlights in trending tech this week. Feel fre to leave a comment below, or just follow me on Twitter @SkeeterHarris.

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