This program sounds like it can play a great role—and it does!

When a new rollout of endpoint devices is on the horizon, their prospective users will most likely rejoice—but not those who are tasked with the rollout job if a central administration platform has not been put into place. Taking record of all those devices, their initial configuration, and their subsequent ongoing support significantly adds to the IT department’s workload, consuming more of their already tight timelines.

Those who can benefit from a client management solution such as Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) are much better off. This application allows all but full automation of the record-taking and inventory process—plus, all the required configuration and subsequently needed maintenance work can be done remotely. But this brilliant solution has one catch: the powerful Microsoft platform’s broad range of services only really helps with Windows devices. Should Apple® devices also be in use in the organization (and this is the case in more and more companies), then say goodbye to a comfortable rollout. The iOS machines will need handiwork again.

In the world of Apple, there is a program called the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP). Its role is to simplify Mac® devices’ initial configuration by automating their registration and taking care of them in the course of their configuration. In short: new Mac computers, iPad® devices, or iPhone® devices earmarked for rollout do not need to be touched by IT anymore, and their new owners can start using them immediately after unboxing.

In organizations that predominantly use Windows devices but also house significant Mac populations, an ideal scenario for IT admins would be full integration of Apple DEP into the existing Microsoft SCCM. In other words, the best of two worlds in one solution.

This is exactly what Parallels® Mac Management for Microsoft® SCCM offers—and much more. It‘s already had Apple DEP completely integrated since its 5.0 release. If an existing Microsoft SCCM platform is enhanced by adding Parallels Mac Management, then:

Learn more about what else this solution is capable of or sign up for a free online demo. Need a quick overview of the benefits of integrating Apple DEP using Parallels Mac Management? View this short video clip.