#1 Mac Usage in the Workplace

As enablers of Mac integration into traditional Windows networks, Parallels often surveys Windows IT professionals to understand the trends associated with supporting a dual-platform environment.  In our latest research, we wanted to understand the usage and growth of incoming Mac devices, the advantages of incorporating Mac, and how IT pros perceive support and management of Apple computers.

This series of five blog posts will summarize our results, the challenges revealed, and the solutions available.

Mac Trends


Enterprises are adopting Mac in their search to boost productivity, build employee engagement with digital business processes, and cut costs. According to a 2016 article in Infoworld:

A recent article by TechTarget entitled “What to expect from Macs in the enterprise” outlines that whether you embrace Mac with open arms or accept them begrudgingly, implementation can bring challenges such as managing Mac security in the enterprise, negotiating the world of Windows, and contending with the Apple ecosystem. The better you understand those challenges, the more prepared you can be to welcome—or just deal with—Mac in your environment.

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