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Register for free live webinars brought to you by Parallels – from our very own SCCM Administrator Danny Knox. Danny has walked MORE that a mile in your shoes! And he knows what YOU REALLY THINK of Macs in your Windows Network! (*hint – you don’t like them!)

Danny Knox

Why don’t you like them?

Danny believes it’s because you THINK you need 3rd party solutions to manage them!


That usually means:

Our 1-hour session is a deep dive into Microsoft SCCM best practices and approaches that our solution gracefully extends to MacOS: software application deployment models, macOS imaging and patch management, FileVault encryption and much more.

In this session we answer the basic question: Can IT departments use Microsoft SCCM for MacOS management?

Short answer? Yes You Can! “¡Sí, se puede!”

That’s why Windows IT admins who attend his 30 min webinars end up changing their minds about MacOS in their organizations!

By leveraging their Microsoft SCCM knowledge towards managing Mac endpoints, our solution has changed many Windows IT admin’s minds about working with the macOS.

Many SCCM admins who have historically cringed at the very idea of Macs in their enterprise now look forward to piloting Parallels Mac Management plug-in for Microsoft SCCM to manage their MacOS fleet – whether they just manage a few dozen MAC endpoints or need to push policies out to thousands and thousands of Mac computers.

Register now to find out how 1000s of Windows IT departments have LEARNED to LOVE their MACs.