Parallels Mac Management: Prerequisites Checker Wizard

Every IT administrator who needs to deploy Parallels® Mac Management for Microsoft® SCCM for the first time faces a question: Is my Microsoft SCCM environment ready for Parallels Mac Management deployment? The Administrators’ Guide contains all the necessary information and requirements, but who reads documentation?

Last December, we released Prerequisites Checker Wizard for Parallels Mac Management. Download the wizard here. It doesn’t require an installation, as it’s packed within a self-extracting ZIP file.

When launched, Prerequisites Checker allows you to verify that your infrastructure meets Parallels Mac Management requirements, and which components you’d like to verify.

Prerequisites Checker Wizard

The only other information you need to provide is the log-on credentials that should be used to run the verification tasks.

Prerequisites Checker Wizard

Once credentials have been specified, you can click the Next button. The wizard will start doing its magic of checking prerequisites. For each component that you selected, the wizard will present a page with verification results. The items that have passed the check will have a green icon. The items that have failed the check will have a red icon. When it’s possible, items with failed checks will contain links to KBs with information on how to fix the issue.

Prerequisites Checker Wizard

The last page of the Prerequisites Checker shows a summary of all the checks. Once all the components have the “Passed” status, your SCCM environment is ready for Parallels Mac Management deployment.

Prerequisites Checker Wizard

Download Parallels Mac Management Prerequisites Checker v6.1

The wizard is available for download from the download section of the Parallels website. A Parallels Mac Management license is not required to run the wizard.


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