How to protect your Mac from risks like ransomware and shadow IT

It is more important than ever to safeguard your digital assets from increasing risks and threats. Have you heard already of Ransomware and Shadow IT?  Today, I would like to talk about these two serious risks and give you some tips to protect yourself from them.

Let`s start with ransomeware which is one of the darkest threats today.

What exactly is Ransomware?

Ramsomware is malware that encrypts files on other computers. The blackmailers who encrypt these files then threaten not to give the data back to you unless you pay them a large amount of money. One-third of British companies have already been affected by ransomware according to an article at

How can the risk of ransomware infection be reduced?

There is a possibility to reduce the risk of infection by malware like ransomware through comprehensive patch management. Most computers are particularly vulnerable to attack because they are not on the current patch level, or the default configuration allows the user to open unsafe applications. On Mac, a system can be secured quite quickly by regularly installing the latest security updates and by setting security settings to run programs. This can be accomplished with a client management tool like Parallels Mac Management for Microsoft SCCM. Parallels Mac Management extends your existing Microsoft SCCM to manage Macs like you manage PCs. It allows centralized rollout of the current patches for the operating system and applications and ensures a secure client.

Another dark risk is shadow IT.

What exactly is Shadow IT?

Shadow IT is the use of software, hardware, and IT systems that are not officially released and supported by the IT department. This includes the use of cloud services such as Dropbox or OneDrive that employees use for work without permission from the IT Admin. Shadow IT results in insecure data, as sensitive information can end up in unsafe channels and can also be attacked by Trojans such as ransomware. A client management tool like Parallels Mac Management can detect unlicensed software on end devices to reduce its use.


I hope this article gave you a better understanding of two big risks we have to face nowadays and how to protect yourself from them.

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