Parallels Desktop Helps Boost Employee Efficiency

For 25 years, Harry Schuler has been taking care of the IT environment at POOLgroup, an event production company based in Emsdetten, Germany. POOLgroup has successfully organized thousands of events and shows, including concerts for world-famous artists and other demanding undertakings. In all such cases, it’s Harry’s responsibility to master various IT obstacles. He must see to it that POOLgroup’s 150 employees can work smoothly at several different sites. For this purpose, he manages a fleet of some 200 Mac® devices, both for office work and as rentals.

Large halls, complex processes, and complicated event equipment aren’t Harry’s greatest challenge. Rather, it’s the efficiency and reliability of Mac clients, which POOLgroup uses exclusively for its administration. The company’s inconsistent software is one of the greatest issues. For example, POOLgroup’s ERP application and some Excel tools will not run natively on Mac. This meant that Harry and his coworkers had to find a way to integrate Windows software seamlessly into the macOS® environment—without losing efficiency and causing friction.

The solution Harry found was Parallels Desktop® for Mac Business Edition. Parallels Desktop Business Edition enables every Mac in the company to run Windows software in the macOS environment. Thanks to “Coherence Mode,” employees can run the applications they need in a way that hides the underlying Windows virtualization—it looks and feels like you’re still in macOS.

Parallels Desktop Business Edition allows POOLgroup to avoid purchasing additional Windows systems, and the IT team saves training costs for a second operating system in the organization. Moreover, employees can work with their familiar user interface and do not need to switch computers or reboot their Mac (like they would have to do in Apple Boot Camp®). It‘s a win-win situation for all: IT has a simple and effective solution, employees save time and do not need to get used to Windows, and the company has no additional hardware costs to bear.

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