Do You Work Remotely? Save Battery Power with Parallels Desktop

If you work remotely, there’s no shortage of tools you might need to get the job done—whether you’re working from your couch or the coffee shop on the corner. In fact, I’m sure you’ve read lists upon lists of the best tools for remote workers across the web. (Guilty as charged—we even wrote a post about the best resources for remote workers to bookmark.)

We have two such tools in our arsenal. You may have heard of them—we sure do talk about them a lot—but hey, can you blame us? Both Parallels Desktop and Parallels Access are perfect fits for people who work remotely. Here’s why:

Parallels Desktop Travel Mode

If you’re a remote worker who needs Windows on Mac wherever you go, Parallels Desktop is a great choice. Yes, virtualizing Windows takes a lot of battery power—but with Parallels Desktop 11’s new feature, Travel Mode, you can easily get access to Windows (no matter where you are) without sacrificing too much juice.

Parallels Desktop Travel Mode

We wrote another post about Travel Mode just after the launch of Parallels Desktop 11, but I’ll reiterate exactly what it does here, too—Travel Mode works by temporarily shutting down select services to optimize your Mac for better battery life. See how to enable Travel Mode and watch it in action:

Parallels Desktop Travel Mode

Parallels Desktop Travel Mode

If you already have Parallels Desktop but haven’t upgraded to version 11 yet, go for it! And don’t forget, if you upgrade to the Pro Edition, you’ll be locked into the $50 per year subscription price for the entire life of your subscription.

Parallels Access for iOS and Android

Sometimes, you don’t want the bulk of your Mac. We empathize. That’s why we developed Parallels Access, our remote access app.

If you’re longing to leave your heavy MacBook behind and opt instead for your iPad or iPhone (or Android device, too—we don’t discriminate), download Parallels Access. With the app installed, you’ll be able to access any file no matter where you are, as long as you have a solid Internet connection.

If you’ve ever had the sinking realization of forgetting a file on your home computer, then you know that the unexpected can always throw a curveball at you—particularly when it comes to mixing technology and human error. Thankfully, you can prepare for that moment with Parallels Access, which provides you 24/7 access to all of your applications and files from your smartphone, tablet, or another computer. Best of all, you can download Parallels Access and try it out right now for free.

Do you work remotely? Have you tried either of these tools? Tell us your experience in a comment, or reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter. We want to hear from you!


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