Parallels Desktop Users: (Infographic)

We’ve answered the who, what, when, and why users have chosen Parallels Desktop as the #1 virtualization option to run Windows on Mac since 2006. Parallels Desktop is (also) the fastest and friendliest way to run Windows apps on a Mac for the majority of users who are likely to want to do so. With over 6 million users running Windows on Mac – we are over the moon about the Parallels Desktop users and what they accomplish. 

The infographic below showcases usage data comes from our opt-in Customer Experience Program within Parallels Desktop, where over 200,000+ users (and growing) have sent their usage data to our engineers over the years. We offer this program to better understand how macOS users are utilizing virtualization as a whole with the devices they have. 

The data below comes from our favorite people: our users!

How users virtualize with Parallels Desktop

All of this data came from users who willingly participated. A sincere “thank you” to every user who engaged with our teams. Across engineering, marketing, or support – we think our users are the best in the world. A sincere thank you is extended to those whom have provided wonderful insight to better serve our users moving forward. 

Here at Parallels, we look forward to every opportunity to make Parallels Desktop better for everyone. We encourage all feedback (good or bad) to help direct our teams on how to better serve you. Feel free to leave a comment below or connect with our supoort teams! You can connect with support directly via Facebook, Twitter or any other of our support channels:

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