Parallels is on Pinterest!

If you’re anything like me, you understand how important Pinterest is to daily life.

From pinning fitness inspiration for those dying resolutions…

To saving “Easy but amazing!” DIY pins as an outlet for your creative side…

Or for scaring your future spouse with the ever-so-popular wedding board…

Parallels is happy to say that we’ve decided to join the fun! For those who have sworn off Pinterest, hear us out!

Pinterest is more than a site for crafting and weddings—it’s also a great place to get inspired and keep in touch with your favorite products (like Parallels Access), people, and some truly amazing technology. That’s what we use it for.

In fact, we’ll be featuring new boards regularly on this blog for you to follow so you can keep being inspired with us. This week, we’re bringing our “Behind the Scenes” board to center stage to give you a glimpse of what goes on when we work and play at Parallels:

Follow Parallels’s board Parallels: Behind-the-Scenes on Pinterest.

Check it out, and don’t forget to follow us!


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