2X ApplicationServer Two-Farm Failover Solution

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This diagram shows the setup for an active two-farm failover.   In this setup you would have two different sites (Production and Backup) pre-configured with 2X SecureClientGateways (SCGW), 2X Publishing Agents (PA), terminal servers (TS) and installed applications.*

The setup would be implemented as follows:

Site 1: Install the 2X SecureClientGateway (SCGW) and 2X Publishing Agent (PA) on different servers.**   Configure terminal servers in this location to serve Site 1’s PA.

Site 2: Install the 2X SecureClientGateway (SCGW) and Publishing Agent (PA) on different servers.**   Configure terminal servers in this location to serve Site 2’s PA.

Client: When configuring the 2X Client, set the Primary Connection to Site 1 and the Secondary Connection to Site 2 (either IP address or DNS names).

When the 2X Client can’t communicate with Site 1, it will try to contact Site 2.

*Applications being published must be installed on all terminal servers; two licenses are required for this scenario.

**This diagram only shows the Master Publishing Agent; however, it is best practice to install at least one Backup Publishing Agent for every Master Publishing Agent.  This allows the flexibility to failover within a site if only the Master Publishing Agent fails.

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