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What Is an Application Server?

application serverAn application server is a software component-based solution that resides in the middle-tier (between servers and workstations) of a server-centric architecture. It allows data access and persistence while providing a stable, secure, and centrally managed environment.

Using an application server is the key to reducing IT costs.

Combined with the rapid expansion of cloud computing and virtualization technology, application-server solutions have led the digital revolution over the past few years. With such solutions, organizations can make their applications available to any remote device 24×7—all while leveraging legacy infrastructure and optimizing resources. To successfully implement cloud-based networks, most organizations require an application server solution.

Application servers centralize management.

IT departments are seeking less complicated, more cost-effective ways to deliver applications and data to users. One of their main concerns is security. When delivering data to any device from any location, you need to take in to account significant security insufficiencies, such as user error (forgotten/stolen password), network dangers (public Wi-Fi susceptible to spoofing), and device loss (tablet or laptop stolen or forgotten).

Parallels RAS

Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS), VMware, and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops are the leading application-server solutions. Parallels RAS has the edge over the other solutions due to its ease of use, low licensing costs, and free training.

Parallels RAS provides all the features of an application server at the most cost-effective price on the market. It also comes with a highly user-friendly UI. Monitoring, load balancing, HTML accessibility, MFA authentication, client policies, and many other features make Parallels RAS the ideal application-server solution for any infrastructure.

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