AWS Cloud End-User Computing (EUC): 2017 Year-in-Review and Key Partner Wins, by Andrew Kloman

AWS Cloud – Summary from the original article published on the AWS Partner Network (APN) blog on February 14, 2018

Desktop application streaming solutions enable end users to access enterprise applications and data securely. Without these solutions, enterprise applications can still be provided via web interfaces, but they may lack the feature sets, provisioning capabilities, or data protection from the user or endpoint device that enterprises require.
aws cloudIn the past, these technologies were commonly referred to as “remote access solutions,” but as customers move to Amazon Web Services™ (AWS), all end users are remote to the data and applications hosted on AWS Cloud. When desktop application streaming solutions are in place, enterprises can migrate workloads without

repurchasing or refactoring the enterprise applications. This means customers can migrate the backend systems of their enterprise applications to AWS and have the desktop applications run next to those backend systems while the desktop application streaming solution provides end users access.

In 2017, AWS and many of the Technology Partners in our global AWS Cloud Partner Network (APN) invested in efforts to enhance their solutions and help customers migrate enterprise desktop applications to AWS. These Partners demonstrate the value of supporting AWS services that provide customers with solutions that are secure, easy to use, scalable, and cost-effective.

AWS Cloud Partners Invested in Desktop Application Streaming Solutions

In 2017, APN Partners invested in efforts to enhance their streaming solutions running on AWS with the goal of satisfying enterprise customers’ needs of migrating desktop applications to AWS. Here are some highlights from APN Partners that built and optimized products in this space to run on AWS, as well as provided technical content, labs, and workshops to guide customer adoption of desktop application streaming solutions.

These offerings can run on top of Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud (Amazon EC2), support other AWS features and services, manage the lifecycle of desktop workloads on AWS, or provide a managed control plane and/or desktop resource.

Solutions Running on Amazon EC2 and Supporting AWS Features and Services

aws cloud

These do not manage the deployment or lifecycle of desktop resources on AWS, but it is possible to use scripting or other automation tools to manage desktop resources. Additionally, these solutions have documented support for their solution to run on AWS.

Parallels is an AWS Standard Technology Partner that provides customers with Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS). This is a comprehensive virtual application and desktop delivery solution that allows employees to access and use applications and data from any device.

As of September 2017, AWS customers can download Parallels RAS as a pre-configured 30-day trial on AWS Marketplace. Check out Parallels RAS on AWS Marketplace and learn more about deploying Parallels RAS on AWS.

Additional Resources

We have high expectations that APN Technology Partners will continue to build and optimize products to run on AWS, as well as provide high-quality technical content, labs, and workshops to guide customer adoption. Keep reading the APN blog to see how Partners are innovating in 2018 and beyond.

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