Desktop virtualization, mobility and VDI

Are you Citrix XenApp customer? Learn how you can seamlessly convert your Citrix infrastructure to Parallels RAS.

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Virtualization Benefits

Virtualization Benefits

Virtualization Benefits Virtualization Benefits – Unleash the full power of virtualization to improve your business performance. Virtualization is continuously evolving. A concept that was developed in late 1960s to optimize mainframe computer resources is now...

Parallels RAS integrates with Microsoft App-V

What Is Microsoft App-V? Commonly known as Microsoft App-V, Microsoft Application Virtualization is a component of Windows server operating systems. It provides separation and isolation capabilities for applications running on the operating system. The App-V Server provides a centralized console...

How to Create a Parallels RAS Template

How to Create a Parallels RAS Template  Parallels RAS can automatically generate and deploy two types of templates on demand using configurable RAS Templates: one for VDI desktops and another one for RD session hosts. This allows administrators to create and deploy guest virtual...