How Does Citrix StoreFront Work And How Parallels RAS Can Help?

Citrix StoreFrontCitrix StoreFront enables IT administrators to provide users with access to virtual desktops, applications and data. StoreFront works with the Citrix Receiver client software to support access to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop (formerly Citrix XenDesktop) and Citrix Virtual Apps (formerly Citrix XenApp) servers from Windows, Mac, Apple iOS, Google Android, Linux and HTML5 endpoints. In this article we will review the solution based on cost of ownership and technical complexity.

Citrix StoreFront Challenges

The 3.7 version of Citrix StoreFront solved most of the previous problems, however there are still two topics that are important to consider while evaluating this solution.

Not a complete solution  – Storefront by itself cannot answer to the business needs in terms of workforce mobility. If an organization needs to provide access to users that are outside the company network, Citrix NetScaler has to be added to the configuration. NetScaler is available in different packages that differentiate for license model and power, configuring them in high-availability a company could face any cost between $4,900 to $84,000. Installing all these components demands technical expertise and long hours, it can easily become a heavy burden on the companies budget, year on year.

Complexity and configuration challenges – Searching in Google for “Citrix StoreFront issues” you obtain more than 100 results. The most common subject seems to be a recurring connection issue related to the configuration between StoreFront and NetScaler. In fact there are many blogs and forums with suggestions and tips on how to solve the problem, even on the Facebook group about Citrix these topics come up quite often.

Parallels RAS a solid alternative to Citrix StoreFront.

In contrast with “Citrix StoreFront” where the addition of NetScaler is needed to provide access to external user, Parallels RAS is a complete solution. Parallels RAS Secure Client Gateway is the point of entry for users and it is also hosts the HTML5 client-less portal, which users can use to access published objects without requiring client software. This server can replace the Citrix StoreFront servers (FMA) and provide seamless access to any user in any location. Read more about Citrix Migration.

Citrix StoreFrontThe Parallels HTML5 Client is an excellent feature that enables organizations to centrally host applications and desktops and securely publish them to any device, without the long nagging configurations. There are no prerequisites to be set, enabling the Parallels HTML5 Client, by simply checking a checkbox within the Secure Client Gateway. The Parallels HTML5 Client makes virtual application deployments easy and secure. Parallels RAS provides full support for all major browsers, hypervisors, platforms, and devices. This means IT administrators can access virtual apps and desktops from the web using any device, including iOS, Android, Linux, Mac and Chromebook. Parallels RAS is a comprehensive tool that offers all the features of Citrix but at a cost-effective price tag. Learn More about Parallels HTML5

Parallels Helps Businesses Keep IT Infrastructure Costs Down

Pricing and licensing can make or break a project. There have been many projects that have been scrapped or stalled because the licensing and pricing of the software had caught the client by surprise. Using Citrix’s licensing scheme, you may hold back and purchase a lower-end edition without all the required features, due to the high price imposed. Alternatively, you might purchase a superior edition, only to use one or two extra features, which results in the organization spending extra money with no actual ROI.

Parallels RAS is a Comprehensive Solution

Parallels RAS offers one of the most powerful virtualization solution in a single package. The tool is easy to set up and use. With the simple wizard-based installation, IT administrators can have the application up and running within minutes. Furthermore, IT administrators don’t have to go through the hassle of installing and configuring multiple components. Server load balancing and printing redirection, for example are ready out of the box.  Learn more about Parallels RAS 

Parallels RAS makes the migration process easier with a free migration tool that automates most of XenApp use case scenarios. The migration tool extracts settings from Citrix XenApp 6.x into a file that can be imported from Parallels RAS Console.

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