Citrix Plus X1 Mouse: Why it Falls Short

To overcome end-user challenges of operating Windows applications on the iPad and other tablets, Citrix has released the Citrix Plus X1 Mouse. The Citrix X1 Mouse is a wireless mobile device that works over Bluetooth. It allows users to navigate virtual Windows desktops by delivering apps on iOS devices. It also supports Android devices. For the first time, there is a mouse that works with iOS devices and does not require users to root their devices.

However, adopting this hardware add-on means employees must carry around yet another device, which ironically causes them to be less mobile. Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS), on the other hand, offers a more streamlined mobile experience without the need for complicated add-ons. With Parallels RAS, users enjoy the benefits of Application technology, so they can rely on the native touch gestures they’re already familiar with —tap, drag, swipe— to manage Windows applications on iPad and Android tablets.

Citrix Plus X1 Mouse: Another Device, More Cost

The Citrix Plus X1 mouse delivers high-definition virtual Windows desktops to mobile devices through HDX technology. This allows users to seamlessly interact with both Android and iOS devices via regular activities such as clicking, hovering, dragging, and scrolling with enhanced precision than when using fingers.

If you have used the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops on a tablet before, you’ll appreciate the X1’s powerful navigational features that you can’t get with native mobile devices. However, as incredibly powerful as the XI mouse is, it has some limitations, including:

  • It supports limited apps— you can only use Citrix Plus X1 mouse with limited Citrix apps, including:
    • Citrix Receiver (version 5.9.5 or higher)
    • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (all versions)
    • Citrix Enterprise Mobile Apps (such as GoToMyPC, ShareConnect, and WorxDesktop)
  • It doesn’t provide the same response time as a traditional desktop mouse
  • You have to pay an expensive premium because of the add-ons and complicated licensing models.
  • It hinders mobility. Mobile warriors, who value simplicity, must carry the device with their personal belongings.
  • It has a short warranty period. Citrix allows a 90-day period, which is too short upon which you can lodge complaints if the device malfunctions. Again, you can only lodge complaints if you purchased from an authorized distributor or Citrix Store.
  • You need iOS 13 to use the mouse with other native apps. However, when used on non-non-Citrix apps on iOS devices, the Citrix Plus X1 mouse can only manage simple clicks and drags. And when it comes to non-iOS devices, it operates like a standard Bluetooth device with limited native mouse support.

Embrace Parallels RAS Mobile User Experience

Parallels RAS will make your employees more efficient by cutting out unnecessary equipment. With Parallels RAS, managing Excel spreadsheets and other Windows applications from tablet devices become exponentially less complicated because employees can use the same native mobile gestures they’re most familiar with—for example, tap and zoom on the iPad Pro.

Select text or graphics with one finger, and easily drag and drop content for a seamless interactive experience. Create custom keyboard shortcuts for frequently used operations to increase productivity. Aside from Touch Mode, the “Dumbo” mouse mode enables a virtual mouse with two buttons and a pointer that appears on the screen for effective navigation.

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