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ERP Application: Why CXOs Delay the Upgrades

ERP Application – An enterprise resource planning (ERP) application is the backbone of any organization, defining and maintaining the processes that keep the enterprise functioning. In fact, ERP applications have been the most utilized business software in the last 60 years.

ERP ApplicationRegardless of how comprehensive an ERP application package might be in terms of functionality, companies always have to work with its value-added reseller (VAR) to change the software to conform to their unique business practices. Over time, the software customizations create a bond between the ERP, VAR, and company that lasts for very long time.

Although ERP software vendors have kept up with advances in technology (from the Internet to cloud computing), chief experience officers (CXOs) tend to postpone any change in their ERP. Any adjustment, upgrade, or improvement could shake the business from its very foundations. It is quite common to see organizations continue running outdated or even legacy ERP applications; if something works fine, there is no reason to risk changing it.

ERP VARs are responsible for the selection, deployment, and configuration of the ERP system. Therefore, they play a central role in supporting their customers in this evolution process.

What’s Changing with the Digital Revolution

In recent years, employees’ needs have dramatically changed. The workforce doesn’t want to be constrained by office walls, and the organization can’t stop because an executive is traveling or “out of office.”

ERP ApplicationMost ERP vendors today offer some sort of on-demand delivery solution for distributing and using their software outside the office. However, not all of these models provide the same functionalities as the desktop version—and moreover, the businesses and VARs need to deal with the complications of moving any and all customizations over to the new version.

With cloud computing and the digital revolution, VARs have to offer full access to an ERP application from any device (even mobile or web browsers) without spending more time in the customization processes.

Make ERP Applications Available on Any Device with Parallels RAS

Parallels® Remote Application Server is a comprehensive application and desktop delivery solution that enables employees to work on any Windows application from any device, including tablets and smartphones.

By choosing Parallels RAS, VARs can offer their customers instant access to ERP applications—even legacy versions—from anywhere, without having to reconfigure the customizations.

ERP ApplicationIn addition, Parallels technologies provide the best mobile experience on the market. The ERP won’t only be securely available on iOS and Android devices—it will have the look and feel of a native mobile app. Employees can use gestures they know (such as swipe, drag, and tap to click and zoom in), improving productivity on the move.

Parallels RAS at a Glance:

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