Parallels, Lenovo, and Nutanix Team Up to Reduce Cost and Complexity of VDI

lenovo nutanixLenovo Nutanix – Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) delivers seamless access to virtual desktop workspaces through the simplification and enhancement of Windows Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH).

With Parallels RAS, businesses and IT service providers are empowered to deliver a locked-down, streamlined, and standardized VDI environment to hundreds of concurrent end-user devices—without the high costs of the competitors.

In addition to its standalone virtualization IT software solution, Parallels has partnered with Nutanix to provide a highly seamless approach to VDI and hyperconverged technology in the datacenter and on the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform.

The Parallels RAS/Nutanix solution supports Lenovo Converged HX Series Nutanix Appliance nodes. These are Lenovo’s highly reliable and scalable servers integrated with Parallels RAS and Nutanix to lower costs and simplify IT infrastructure. Each of the Lenovo hyperconverged nodes will run Nutanix Acropolis and PRISM Host®.

lenovo nutanixEach of the virtual desktops created through the hyperconverged Parallels RAS/Nutanix solution—including Windows 7/8 or 10, and from Windows Server 2003 SP1 to Windows Server 2016 (Remote Desktop Services)—uses persistent desktops created on the Nutanix platform running Acropolis Hypervisor.

Parallels RAS coordinates access to the virtual applications and desktops deployed on this low-cost, easily scalable hyperconverged datacenter solution.

Importantly, the latest release of Parallels RAS, Version 16, has delivered significant enhancements to VDI deployments. Parallels RAS now offers customizable VDI templates, clones, and linked clones, and it is enabled using Nutanix REST APIs for automation.

Additionally, Parallels RAS v16 provides a personalized version of Sysprep, known as Parallels RASprep. This environment allows administrators to prepare and automatically configure Windows desktops, reducing lead time.

With the latest Parallels RAS v16, IT and businesses can effectively leverage hyperconverged solutions (including this hyperconverged solution offered by Lenovo Nutanix).

The combined hyperconverged solution—a Parallels RAS VDI infrastructure, Nutanix platform software, and cloud services with Lenovo hardware—offers particular benefits to healthcare, finance, education, and manufacturing sectors, as well as medium business enterprises.

Download the white paper for more details on how to use the Parallels RAS/Nutanix hyperconverged VDI solution by clicking here.

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