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What Are Microsoft Cloud Services? 

Microsoft cloud servicesMicrosoft Cloud Services provide you with a lot of useful tools for various uses, including: 

The Most-Known Microsoft Cloud Services 

The mostused and well-known parts of Microsoft Cloud Services are Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365. Both are designed to be deployed for various usage, from small- to medium-size businesses (SMBs) up to large enterprises. 

Microsoft Azure is now evolving and incorporating the Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) model, which allows multiple users under one virtual machine (VM) on the cloud. 

Microsoft Cloud Service: Microsoft Azure 

Microsoft Azure is the #1 Microsoft Cloud Service platform, offering a vast collection of services, such as computing, analytics, storage, web, and networking. It saves businesses money and allows them to move faster and achieve more in less time. 

While supporting various programming languages, tools, and frameworks, Microsoft Azure offers the following complete integrated cloud services:  

Parallels RAS with Microsoft Cloud Services 

Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) is designed to support most of the Microsoft Cloud Services, including Azure and Office 365. You can create your own virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or migrate from an existing Citrix infrastructure to get rid of all that unnecessary complexity. 

Download your 30-day evaluation period of Parallels RAS today and make use of the Microsoft Cloud Services. 


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