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Android Smartphones Lead US Market

A recent study from analysis giant Nielsen, has shown us that more people in the USA use Android smartphones than any other device. This is a major improvement, for only last year, Android smartphones were trailing Apple’s iPhone by 9%. (more…)

Managing Smartphones Doesn't Have to be a Nightmare

Nowadays, smartphones are like computers, therefore their use in business is on the rise. Osterman Research shows that 28% of employees in the US in 2011 use company mobile devices and that will rise to 33% in 2012, while Forrester reports 49% of small business owners use smartphones....

Securing Your Android Tablet

It doesn’t take a genius to realize we’re entering the era of tablet computing – Android tablets as well as iPads are all the rage nowadays. The recent release of the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime has brought Android tablets to a point that they compete even with laptops....

How Employee Tracking Can Assist Your Business

Many people feel that there is always room to improve and increase the efficiency of a company’s operations. A lot of people are turning to employee tracking as one way to achieve this. Employee tracking with mobile device management gives you the ability to know where any employee is at any...

Android Users Spend 9.3 Hours a Month Playing Games

A recent study carried out by Nielsen has shown that Android users spend 9.3 hours a month, on average, playing games on their devices. Games are the most downloaded form of app as 64% of Android users prefer game apps. Next up are social networking apps, (at 56%). (more…)