Try Parallels RAS on AWS: Seamless Application and Desktop Delivery on Any Device

Parallels RAS on AWSParallels RAS on AWS – The comprehensive and easy-to-use virtualization solution Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) is now available for free download as a pre-configured 30-day trial on Amazon Web Services™ (AWS) cloud. This is an easy, low-risk option to deploy Parallels RAS on AWS and start delivering Windows applications and desktops to any user, on any device, including iPhone® and Android™.  


Parallels RAS automation capabilities—combined with prebuilt virtual-machine templates and configuration wizards on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud™ (EC2)—provide for a streamlined Parallels RAS trial on the AWS cloud that can be set up in less than an hour. In contrast, when testing other virtualization environments such as Citrix and VMware, it can take days before you can start delivering applications onto different devices. 


Parallels RAS offers a reliable virtualization solution instantly, anywhere in the world, through the global AWS cloud. With Parallels RAS on AWS, IT administrators deliver continuously available line-of-business applications, even when the organization’s virtualization needs to scale up and down.  


Plus, all additional Parallels RAS components—such as Publishing Agents, Remote Desktop Services Server, hypervisors, and gateways—can be deployed instantly using the power of the AWS cloud, making this virtualization solution fast and easy to execute. 


The Parallels RAS AWS free Sign-in & Play trial is a recommended trial option for IT managers at small- to medium-sized businesses who are looking at hybrid or cloud deployments combined with a virtualization solution. 


Highlights of Parallels RAS on AWS:


Download AWS Sign-in & Play trial. 


Learn more about Parallels RAS on the AWS Marketplace. 


Questions? Contact our support team! 


Parallels Support is here to help. If you have any questions about virtualization, or what Parallels RAS can do for your organization or business, don’t hesitate to reach out to Parallels Support.  




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