Adding Terminal Servers to Parallels Remote Application Server

Terminal Servers 2

After successfully installing Parallels Remote Application Server, you can start adding terminal servers. To do so, navigate to the Start category on the left hand side of the console, alternatively you may also click on View from the top toolbar and click on Start.

Once you have opened the Start category click on Add Terminal Servers.

Terminal Servers 4

Enter the IP Address or Hostname of your server in the textbox at the bottom of the window. Click on the green +sign button to add the server. For the purpose of this exercise, we will be entering the hostname of Server 1 and the IP Address of Server 2. When you are ready, click on the Next > button to continue with the installation.

Terminal Servers 5

You can enable or disable the following options to configure the Parallels Remote Application Sever to be better suited for your environment.

Add firewall rules – By enabling this option you are allowing Parallels Remote Application Sever to automatically add the required firewall rules for the application to operate smoothly.

Automatically install the RDS Role if not present – This option automatically installs the Remote Desktop Services Role on the said server.

Automatically restart the server if required – This setting enables Parallels Remote Application Server to restart the said server if necessary after the installation is complete.

Add server(s) to group – You can create and add servers to a Server Group. To do so, you must enable this option and tick the Server Groups you would like to add the said server to. You can also add new groups by entering the group name in the text box at the bottom of the window and then pressing on the green + button.

Click on the Next > to proceed with the installation.

Terminal Servers 6

This window displays a summary of all the configurations set up until now during the installation of the terminal server/s. If you would like to change any of the configurations made, you can always scroll back your configurations by clicking on the< Back button and changing the required settings. Alternatively, click on Next > to start the server installation.

Terminal Servers 1

Click on Finish to end the installation.

Adding a backup Publishing Agent to Parallels Remote Application Server

Now that we have successfully installed a Terminal Server, the next step is to actually add a Publishing Agent to the Parallels Remote Application Server.

Publishing Agent 1

To add a Publishing Agent, first of all click on the Farm category on the left side of the application. Under the required site, click on Publishing Agents then click on the + sign marked in red on the image above.

Publishing Agent 3

Add the server hostname or IP address in the server textbox and click on the Resolve button to resolve the server’s IP address. Click on the Next button to continue with the Publishing Agent installation.

Publishing Agent 4

If the Publishing Agent is not installed on the server, click on the Install button to automatically install the Agent on the server. On the other hand, if the Agent is already installed on the server skip the next step.

Publishing Agent 5

The above screenshot shows the Parallels Remote Application Server installing the Agent on the server. Kindly note that the Gateway is also added with the Publishing Agent. Once the Agent has been successfully installed on the server, click on the Done button to continue.

Publishing Agent 6

Now that the Agent has been installed and verified on the server, click on the OK button to finish the adding a Publishing Agent process.

Publishing Agent 7

As you can see in the screenshot above the new server, BS, has been added to the list of Publishing Agents. Remember to click on the Apply button to commit the changes made.

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