Adding Remote Publishing Applications with Parallels RAS

Once we successfully add our Remote Desktop Session Hosts (RDSHs), we can start publishing applications. This blog post introduces the remote application publishing process in Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS).

To publish an application from an RDSH, open the Parallels RAS Console and follow this procedure:

    1. In the Parallels RAS Console, select the Publishing category and then click the Add icon below the Published Resources tree (or right-click inside the Published Resources box and click Add in the context menu). This launches the publishing wizard.

    1. On the Select Item Type wizard page, select Application and click Next.

    1. On the Select Server Type page, select RD Session Host and click Next.

  1. On the Select Application Type page, select one of the following available options:

In this example, we choose Installed Applications.

  1. Click Next.
  1. On the Publish From page, specify from which RDSHs the application should be published. You have the following options:
  1. Click Next.
  1. Depending on the application type that you selected on the Select Application Type page, the next wizard page will be one of the following:

In our case, we select Paint and Wordpad.

  1. If you selected Single Application on the Select Application Type wizard page, the Application page will open. Specify the application settings as follows:


  1. On the next page, specify the initial status of the resource:

Click Next.

  1. Review the wizard settings summary and click Next. Note that you can click the Back button to correct some of the settings if needed.

  1. Click Finish to publish the application.

  1. Press Apply to commit the new settings.