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Remote work opportunities! 

remote work opportunitiesRemote work opportunities- Remote work is a flexible work arrangement model where employees of an organization perform their tasks remotely. Remote work is an old trend that’s becoming more popular due to the rapid technological evolution, and companies have caught up with this trend. This model allows employees to work from anywhere, be it at home, park, or a cafeteria. Organizations that adopt this model allow their resources to be accessed by employees remotely. In today’s tech era, with the advent of improved communication technologies, such as cloud computing and virtualization, the constraints are less for working from anywhere.   

Benefits of remote work opportunities 

This model has opened a range of benefits for both employees and employers. This model provides a suitable work-life balance for employees. The productivity of the employees increases when they can work within their comfort zone. Also, by enabling remote work options to employees, a business can save on infrastructure and utility expenses.

On the other hand, employees can save on commuting expenses. Moreover, the remote work model allows employers to reach a broader geographic pool of talents across the globe. Remote work can also be combined with standard work from the office, depending on the organization’s policies. 

Challenges with working remotely 

There are a few common concerns with remote work, and businesses should try to deal with those before jumping onto the bandwagon. One of the main concerns is the difficulty in managing remote workers and their work, as there won’t be any direct supervision. Any communication or access issues to the company application tools and software for remote workers can cause a sense of isolation for the employees. Data security is another area of concern when company mission-critical applications are hosted in the Cloud for remote access. In this regard, the virtualization of applications and desktop environments creates easier and safer ways of remote access without the chance of critical data being compromised. However, not every virtualization solution is feature-rich, cost-effective, and at the same time, easy to install. 

How Parallels RAS can level up productivity! 

Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) is a cost-effective virtualization software solution that can deliver mission-critical virtual applications and desktop environments to end-user devices anywhere in the world. Parallels RAS boosts ROI for companies that opt for part-time work or work from home (WFH) model for their employees. With its modern data security and access control features, Parallels RAS proves to be an excellent choice for organizations to power up their virtual applications and desktops. 

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