The Benefits of Utilizing RemoteFX Technology in a Virtual Network

Exploring different scenarios where RemoteFX technology enhances the graphical capabilities of virtual networks.

— Brought to you by the 2X Cloud Computing Team

With user experience design becoming an important element in every project, remote networks are looking to incorporate this methodology into their offering as well. Gone are the days when remote networking was about remotely accessing files and folders. Today, with the help of RemoteFX technology, you can enjoy live streaming audio/video and native desktop graphical experience even when using a remote desktop. Here are certain instances which augment this idea.

Scenario I – Uninterrupted & consistent media streaming

Another hurdle for live streaming content on remote networks is graphic stack interception points. With multiple interception points for each graphic stack, users experience gaps in the graphic display. On the other hand, RemoteFX technology enables you to use a single interception point for graphics stack so that users can enjoy uninterrupted and consistent graphic framework for rich media applications. Graphically rich applications like Flash and Silverlight run at their best.

Scenario II – USB redirection for all devices

In a remote network, the user might need to use devices like a printer or smart card. Using the RDP high level device redirection technology, they can easily use any device remotely. However, consider an instance when the user wants to access a webcam or scanner. These devices cannot be redirected using the existing technology. Thanks to RemoteFX which acts as a one-stop solution for all USB device redirection, you can now access a scanner or web cam with a catch-all mechanism. This is because, RemoteFX works at the port protocol level and not at the drive level. The device drivers need to be installed on the server and not on each client machine. The good thing is that a single redirection method takes care of most of the devices. However, it is optimized for LAN networks and allows only session. By combining RDP high-level redirection mechanism with RemoteFX USB redirection system, you can maximize effectiveness.

Scenario III – Intelligent screen capture

Consider an instance wherein the remote user is working on a Silverlight or Flash application in a VDI environment. If the network bandwidth is low, the user would surely experience gaps. Even though the rendering process is done at the host side, the frame rate can cause network congestion. With the intelligent screen capture ability in RemoteFX, the frame rate is controlled according to the available bandwidth and allows policy-based controls. RemoteFX uses a virtual graphics channel to transmit compressed data to client machines. The decoding abstract layer decompresses the data. Based on the client capabilities, either hardware (dedicated decoder) or software (CPU or GPU) is used for this decompression of data. Rendering, capturing and compressing content is intelligently done and only screen changes are reflected. All these features, along with secure VDI functionality are available with the award wining 2X Remote Application Server.

Scenario IV – High end video games on Thin Clients

Consider an instance wherein a user wants to play high end video games like Crysis or Battlefield 4 on a thin client in a VDI environment. In normal circumstances, it is not possible because graphics are rendered on the client-side machine. Without a dedicated graphics card, the thin client cannot offer rich and streaming audio/video to play the game. However, innovative solutions like 2X Remote Application Server comes with RemoteFX technology wherein 3D rendering is done at the host side and data is intelligently transmitted for an uninterrupted streaming experience.

RemoteFX surely enhances the graphical capabilities of virtual networks. With graphics power harnessed to the fullest, users can enjoy rich and native graphic experience on virtual machines. This flexibility opens up several options for businesses to use ultra-light thin clients or high powered machines in a virtual desktop infrastructure.

2X Software offers a virtualization solution that is augmented with RemoteFX technology. While you enjoy a secure and robust VDI environment, you can take advantage of the rich graphical user experience as well. 2X Remote Application Server delivers the full potential of RemoteFX technology. With a single product, you can experience a virtual desktop environment to the fullest. Download 2X Remote Application Server today and enjoy a high-end graphical experience on a virtual desktop!

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