Parallels RAS v16 Increases Productivity with Swiftpoint GT Bluetooth Mouse Support

Swiftpoint: The latest version of Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) integrates seamlessly with Swiftpoint® GT Bluetooth to deliver a desktop-like experience on mobile with the ease and accuracy provided by a mouse.

Following requests from our customers, Parallels RAS Version 16 empowers users on iOS devices with a mouse experience. We selected Swiftpoint GT between the few hardware vendors that provide a special software development kit (SDK) and hardware to allow the use of an external hardware mouse on iOS.

Swiftpoint: One more reason to embrace the Parallels RAS mobile experience

SwiftpointWith the Swiftpoint GT Bluetooth mouse, Parallels RAS mobile users are empowered to use software that is not touch-optimized. Also, the Swiftpoint mouse benefits those who simply prefer to use a physical mouse rather than the touch interface.

Importantly, the Swiftpoint GT mouse offers support for iOS touch gestures. Mobile clients using a SwiftpointGT mouse have the option to change back in real-time to the familiar touch-gesture experience, which allows them to use native-like hand gestures to navigate their way through the RAS-published applications and desktops.

Parallels users now have the choice whether they want to rely on native touch gestures they’re already familiar with—tap, drag, and swipe—or a more traditional mouse experience—left-click, right-click, and scroll—to manage Windows applications on iPad® and Android tablets.

Get ready to hit the road

The Swiftpoint GT mouse offers a unique patented ergonomic design that reduces fatigue and improves ergonomics. The mouse works particularly well on the road where it can be used on a plane, bus, train, or even while sitting back on a couch.

With Parallels RAS, managing Excel spreadsheets and other Windows applications from a tablet or mobile device become exponentially less complicated. Employees now use either familiar touch gestures or Bluetooth mouse, depending on their individual preferences.

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