RemoteExec – Server to Client Commands

RemoteExec is a feature that facilitates the servers ability to send commands to the client. This is done using the command line application “2XRemoteExec” with 2X Remote Application Server. Command line options include:

Command Line Parameter Parameter Description
  -s Used to run the 2XRemoteExec in ‘silent’ mode. When inserted in the command line, pop up messages from the application will be displayed Omitting this parameter would not display any pop up messages.
  -t Is used to specify the timeout until the application is started. Timeout must be a value between 5000ms and 30000ms. Note that the value inserted is in ‘ms’. If the timeout expires the command returns with an error. Please note that the application might still be started on the client.
  -? Shows a help list of the parameters that 2XRemoteExec uses.
  “Path for Remote Application” The Application that will be started on the client as prompted from the server.

The table below shows examples on how to run the 2XRemoteExec.exe command line application:

Examples Action
2XRemoteExec -? Shows a message box briefly describing the parameters that can be used.
Runs ‘notepad’ on the Client.
Opens the document ‘C:readme.txt’ using ‘notepad’ on the Client. No message is shown and 2XRemoteExec would wait for 6 seconds or until the application is started.

Click on the following link to review further information about how the RemoteExec application works: