How to Turn Your Phone into a Security Camera (Infographic)

You’ve patiently waited for your contract to renew (or you not-so-patiently paid out of pocket) and got yourself a new smartphone! We all know that new phone feeling is pretty intoxicating, but what do you do with your old phone? You can’t just ditch it in the recycling bin—think of how many hours of Star Wars: Uprising you invested into that phone.

Here’s one idea of something you can do with your old phone if you’re just not ready to let it go yet: turn it into a security camera. The folks over at EasyFit put together this great infographic to demonstrate just how easily you can turn an old phone into a security camera:

How to Turn Your Phone into a Security Camera (Infographic)

Infographic courtesy of EasyFit Garage Doors at Visually.

Have you turned any of your old phones into something creative for around the house? Comment below with your ideas!


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