What to Do When You Forget a File

Worry even less about forgetting a file.

In January, I blogged about using the new File Manager in Parallels Access to retrieve a presentation file that you had mistakenly left at home, and I’ve since received several comments that this scenario is pretty common―and that the Parallels Access solution is a welcome and easy fix. Today, I have two updates: (1) I created a 30-second video to show this solution in action, and (2) Parallels Access provides another quite different solution to the need to get remote access to your computer―so you can pick the solution that best fits your particular situation.

File Manager Solution in Action

If you would rather watch this solution than read the steps, here’s a 30-second video explaining it:

Another Solution: Computer-to-Computer Connectivity.

The File Manager is a major new feature in Parallels Access 2.5, but it’s not the only one. Parallels Access 2.5 also added a computer-to-computer connection feature which is browser-based. You can walk up to any computer which has an Internet connection and a modern browser, and connect to any of the computers registered in your Parallels Access account.

This computer-to-computer feature provides a particularly easy solution to the “forgotten presentation” scenario. Your presentation will almost certainly be shown on a big screen — either with a large display or video projector. The display or projector is connected to a computer, which I will call the ‘projection computer’.

If the projection computer has an Internet connection, then Parallels Access easily solves your problem. Launch a browser, sign in at account.parallels.com, scroll to your home computer, and connect. Open your presentation software (PowerPoint, Keynote, or something else), and the list of recently opened files will contain your presentation. Start presentation mode, and begin your talk.

Notice that you don’t need to install any software on the projection computer, and you don’t need admin rights on it, or anything else special. And, if you’re a font geek like me, and you’ve tweaked the presentation to use the perfect font or to get the perfect special character not present in every font, everything will work exactly the way you intended — after all, you’re presenting from the same computer you used to create the presentation.

If you would rather watch this solution than read about it, here’s another 30-second video showing this new solution:

So, don’t worry about forgetting that important file. You can easily access it.


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