Windows 8 for Mac—Wait, It’s Possible?

I rarely settle for “good enough.” I love coffee from a local café, but I also love my “World’s Best Mom” mug. So I bring the mug with me and get the best of both worlds.

I love the outdoors, but I also value the comfort of a bed. So when I go camping, I blow up an air mattress and sleep in comfort. (Yes, I’m one of those people.)

So what do I do when I love the hardware of a MacBook Air (that chiclet keyboard!) but also the bold metro tiles featured in Windows 8?

I turn to Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac, of course. With this innovative software, I can use both operating systems side by side because Windows 8 can run in a window (or full-screen, if you prefer).

And I know I’m not the only one who loves the freedom of running Windows 8 on my Mac. Check out these testimonials from our happy customers:

Brian J

“Hands down, the best solution for today’s mix of technology. Being able to use OS X and Windows seamlessly without having to reboot is a dream come true.”
~ Brian J.

Palma G

“Parallels allows me to access Explorer to download my files without modification and has eliminated my need to maintain a PC and has made my work 100% portable with my Mac.”
~ Palma G.

Jon T

“For those who straddle the PC/Mac world between work and our personal lives, Parallels makes it possible to truly have an all-in-one machine with both Windows and Mac OS running side by side in perfect harmony.”
~ Jon T.

Who doesn’t love having the best of both worlds?

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If you’ve ever longed to run Windows 8 on a Mac, give Parallels Desktop 10 a spin. There’s even a 14-day free trialso you can experience the best of both worlds today.


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